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Posted by on Sep 3, 2017 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized, Yoga, Yoga

Yoga Teacher Interview Series: Kathy Yannucci

Yoga Teacher Interview Series: Kathy Yannucci

Kathy was originally introduced to me through my lovely sister. We met when she was a teacher at Yoga on High, and was a mentor during my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. In 2016, she opened her own studio in Worthington, that offers a variety of classes integrated with Ayurveda (the “sister science” to yoga). I can say first hand her Yin classes are AMAZING, so relaxing and therapeutic. Kathy is one of the most genuine, kind, people I have ever met. Her true kindness shines forth when you meet her. She is like a ray of sunshine when she enters the room. I am so honored to have met her!


What type of yoga do you teach?

I teach Yin Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga and Vinyasa.


Where do you currently teach? 

I currently teach at Kasa Yoga and Wellness in Worthington, OH.
Tell me about your Studio, Kasa Yoga and Wellness. 

I opened Kasa Yoga and Wellness in July of 2016 in Historic Old Worthington.  I had the dream to open a yoga and wellness center in Worthington since I moved into the area in 2005.  After teaching from my home studio, I realized it was time to get a bigger space that also had more visibility to attract more students to practice and incorporate the lifestyle of yoga into their daily lives.  We offer a combination of Vinyasa, Aroma Flow, Yin Yang Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Beginner Yoga, and Yin Yoga classes.  Along with offering the opportunity to learn the physical aspects of yoga, we are also incorporating the sister science of yoga-Ayurveda.  My vision for the studio is to be a holistic wellness center where students can feel at home and be their true authentic selves with all the tools and support to guide them on this journey.  We also offer Reiki sessions and will soon be offering Ayurveda sessions for overall well-being.  Our teachers are well trained and the “talk” around the town is that Kasa has an amazing group of yoga instructors all under one roof.  Students feel safe here and in good hands with our experienced teachers.


Where did you do your teacher training? 

The answer is long as I have done many teacher trainings.  I will always be a student as well as a teacher.

I have also trained with many wonderful teachers such as Cyndi Lee, Paul Grilley, Tias Little and more.


At what point did you decide you wanted to teach? 

I decided I wanted to be a yoga teacher shortly after I quit my corporate job as a Fashion Designer and Buyer.  I took a few months off from the corporate world, back in 2003, took a few months off to travel and freelance and decided, “I want to be a yoga teacher.  It is what I love and I want to teach what I love.”  It was the best decision I could have made!  It has changed my life!


Yoga with or without music? If with, what kind? 

I like both options.  I find benefit in bringing people into the ambiance with music but also crave silence during some practices such as Yin Yoga.  When I do use music, I like to use music with Sanskrit chants the most.  When I teach yoga, I connect with the roots of yoga in India and playing Sanskrit chants is a way to honor the traditions of yoga.


How has yoga impacted your life? 

Yoga has impacted my life on so many levels.  First, it has influenced my spirituality, making it a priority for me to practice daily rituals to connect with the divine in everyone and everything, including myself.  It has taught me to see beauty in everything even when times are difficult.  The biggest impact it has had is on my diet.  I became vegetarian and after many years, vegan, to practice Ahimsa (non-violence).  My first teacher taught us the importance of an Ahimsa diet to live our Yoga lifestyle in harmony and peace.  Yoga has helped me to have flexibility of the mind in so many situations.  It has influenced how I raise my children with more mindfulness.  Yoga is constant practice.


What advice would you give to someone who says “I can’t do yoga”? 

I would say, “Everyone can do yoga.  There are many styles to choose from and finding the style and teacher that resonates is important.  I have also learned that yoga comes to you when you are ready for it.  It is a practice of transformation and it arrives in one’s life, when you are ready to open to other possibilities.”


Who or what inspires you right now? 

My mom inspires me right now, actually always has.  She is so strong.  My dad has been sick for a long time and she has been the prime caretaker.  Her strength and resilience is amazing.  Sometimes, I do not know how she does it all!  She has always taught me to be STRONG and TRUTHFUL.



What is your favorite pose or poses? 

My favorite poses are Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle pose) and Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (Pigeon pose)


What is your least favorite pose or poses? 

I can’t think of one right now.  I think, right now, I like all of them because when they challenge me, I know it is challenging me on a deeper level that I need to explore.


Anything else you want to share?  

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – Gandhi.  This is my favorite quote and one that I try to live by.  Be your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF no matter what.  You are all gifts to this world!  Come practice with us at Kasa Yoga and Wellness in Worthington.  Would love to meet you!!!





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