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Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized

What’s in Season: Summer Edition

What’s in Season: Summer Edition

I’m a little late on this post, as summer is coming in a close in just a matter of weeks, but I wanted to make sure I got it in before the end of the season!

Summer is my favorite season, with its blooming roses, buzzing bees, morning bird activity and song, warm thunderstorms, and best of all (for me who’s always freezing) hot weather. Summer is also a thriving season for local veggies and fruits in our beautiful Midwest. I love filling my plate with the beautiful array of available colorful fruits and veggies. I am lucky enough I have the availability of father’s massive garden to get my fill of fruits and veggies. The good news for those who don’t have the accessibility to your own garden is farmers markets are popping up everywhere! Columbus has several on Saturday mornings and throughout the week in the evenings, and more and more (to my absolutely delight!) grocery stores are stocking local produce.

In an effort to encourage you to get your hands on the freshest produce, here is the PLWF Produce Guide-Summer Edition. It is important to keep in mind, some items are only available during part of the season (i.e. early Summer or late Summer).


15.8.22 Summer Produce Bell PeppersBell Peppers

 15.8.22 Summer Produce CucumbersCucumbers

15.8.22 Summer Produce CornCorn

15.8.22 Summer Produce Green BeansGreen Beans

15.8.22 Summer Produce EggplantEggplant

15.8.22 Summer Produce KaleKale

15.8.22 Summer Produce LettuceLettuce

15.8.22 Summer Produce TomatoesTomatoes

15.8.22 Summer Produce ZucchiniZucchini


15.8.22 Summer Produce ApplesApples


15.8.22 Summer Produce BlackberriesBlackberries

15.8.22 Summer Produce PeachesPeaches

15.8.22 Summer Produce Asian PearsPears

15.8.22 Summer Produce StrawberriesStrawberries15.8.22 Summer Produce WatermelonWatermelon

Download your Free Printable: PLWF Produce Guide-Summer Edition





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