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Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized

My 30 Before 30 List!

My 30 Before 30 List!

Teresa.Jen Marathon

Mile 25!

I enjoy setting goals and following through on them. The feeling of accomplishment radiates through my mind and body for weeks. My most recent (big) goal was completing my first full marathon. Thinking back to the moment of crossing the finish line brings a giant smile each time it pops into my mind. Despite my body being in pain, I couldn’t stop smiling the last 6 miles of the race. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but I physically could not stop it!

I believe goal setting can improve oneself, as long as they are mostly feasible goals and you aren’t setting yourself up for failure and/or feelings of guilt. My goal setting is more for fun, and not taken too seriously. Goals can be applied to any part of your life, whether it be personal leisure, traveling, completing something physical, or career related. I tend to stay away from weight goals, as I believe as sensitive as women are with weight and body image, they can be detrimental in the journey to finding self-love and contentment…at least that was my experience.

Creating a bucket list, or 50 before 50 list, or any type of goal list could be made into a night in with friends or loved ones, sharing ideas and getting to know each other on an even deeper level.

Per the wonderful suggestion of a dear friend (Shout out to Dee Davis!), I decided to create a 30 before 30 list. I have been thinking about what things I would put down on the list over the last year, and finally got around to writing them down. Some of the goals are a stretch, and some of them would take just a few hours. I won’t be upset if I don’t complete 100% of the items on my list by age 30, but I am going to try to get to as many as possible! It is a fun exercise for me, and a continual reminder of what brings me happiness in my life.

Some things I’m leaving off because they’re too personal for me to be blabbering about all over the internet 🙂

So without further ado…

Teresa’s 30 Before 30 List:

  1. Complete 4 full marathons – 1 down!
  2. Complete 5 half marathons – 1 down!
  3. Complete a Half Iron Man Triathlon (hopefully next July in Racine, WI!)
  4. Ride your bike 120+ miles in a one weekend
  5. Get scuba diving certified (fingers crossed doing this before the end of the year!)
  6. Visit Australia & dive the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru
  8. Return to the countryside of Ireland (one of my favorite places in the world)
  9. Visit Africa & climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  10. Visit California (not for work)
  11. Visit Austin, Texas
  12. Return to Japan & visit my family’s cemetery
  13. Go on a yoga retreat (or other trip devoted to yoga/meditation)
  14. Get Yoga Teacher Certification
  15. Teach a yoga class
  16. Get a handstand pose practice
  17. Open yourself up, & emotionally make yourself available to unconditional love
  18. Start speaking Japanese to Mom
  19. Spread your love & positivity – let everyone you love know on a regularly basis (especially some people you have neglected to do so in recent years)
  20. Get 2000 blog followers (something you guys can help me out with! 🙂 Spread the word!)
  21. Post 300 recipes on your blog (if you guys have recipes you want to see made healthy, I’m up for the challenge!)
  22.  I’m going to forgo posting this one
  23. Find complete contentment & love for your body
  24. Grow your own vegetable garden
  25. Attend a TED Conference
  26. Get your pilot’s license
  27. Do a 5 day juice cleanse
  28. Pay it forward for one whole day, in every situation possible
  29. Start singing again, perhaps take voice lessons
  30. Further your education 

What would be on your bucket list? Do you already have a goal list? What is on it?




    • You are purrfect! Thank you for your amazing/on-going support CJ.Gray!

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