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Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized



My pre-race taper week was difficult for me. It is hard for me not to exercise. I don’t even know what to do with myself usually. I took quite a few walks this week, which ended up being great. I FINALLY saw the sunrise Thursday morning…And it was BEAUTIFUL. The sky looked like it was on fire. I think it had been about a month with all the rain we’ve had in central Ohio.

7.16 Sunrise 2 7.16 Sunrise 3 7.16. Sunrise 4

7/11/15 (Saturday): Since I wasn’t able to swim twice earlier in the week, I did a short swim in the morning. I headed out to try to do one last brick workout in the afternoon, but when I tried to run after my 24 mile bike ride, I was having too much pain in the overstretched muscle under my ribcage. I laced up my shoes and started to run, but decided to stop. I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t run, but I ultimately just reminded myself that this 20 minute run was probably going to hurt me, and I had to listen to my body to rest. I went home and iced the muscle that is causing me pain. Luckily the muscle doesn’t really hurt when I am biking or swimming, it is only the impact of the stepping during running that is painful.

7/12/15 (Sunday): After the pain I was experiencing Sunday, I decided to take the day off completely. I spent time with one of my best friends, and my family, relaxing and rejuvenating.

7/13/15 (Monday): Still was trying to take it easy with my rib cage muscle pain, I did a short 46 minute run before work. I thought Monday may be the best day to test out running. The run felt harder than it should have at this point in my training, but I’m sure it was mostly mental. I was concentrating a lot on my breath, trying to take deep breaths into my lower stomach rather than into my diaphragm beneath my ribs, where the pain is. I reminded myself that no matter whether I felt a little bit of pain, I should be thankful to have the ability to have arms and legs that allow me to run.

7/14/15 (Tuesday): 1 hour, 30 minute indoor spinning before work, 45 minutes in a class with my favorite teacher! I haven’t gotten to attend her class in quite a while with the construction being done at my gym, so it was great to be back in a class with her. My plan was to go swimming after work. I drove out to the lake and realized I had forgotten my wetsuit. It was a short swim that I was supposed to do, but I chose not to do it. I realistically could have, but I recognize that I don’t really enjoy swimming, particularly the cold temperature of the water, and not doing this one swim likely isn’t going to hurt my race. I decided I would do the 30 minute swim I had planned for Tuesday this weekend.

7/15/15 (Wednesday): A long morning walk before work. It was chilly out but great. I decided to test my limits and go to a yoga class in the evening, even though that is how I initially injured my abdominal muscle. I had to hold back in class and refrain from doing a lot of the poses that are usually my favorite so as not to hurt myself more so close to my race. I am happy that I decided to go though, because even when I can’t do all the poses, my yoga practice grounds me.

7/16/15 (Thursday): Morning walk again before work. I am loving this routine of getting up early to move even when I’m not doing a true “workout.” I was so happy to see the sunrise. It brought such a giant smile to my face. In the evening, I did a short one mile swim. LAST swim at home before the race. I am pretty ready to be done swimming, for a while at least…definitely not my favorite sport…

One more picture for good measure…:)

7.16 Sunrise

7/17/15 (Friday): 1 hour spinning before work, 45 minutes as a part of a class again. Yoga this afternoon. One last deep stretch session. 🙂

…Hopefully my next post is an exciting one…!!!! THE race is on Sunday!!

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