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Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized




I have completely strayed off my training plan and am basically making up my week’s workouts as I go at this point with input from a few friends who are seasoned triathletes. I also have to admit that I have no photos from my exercises this week, at all…I know, I’m slacking!


7/4/15 (Saturday): Took the day off to enjoy the Holiday with friends. Picked up some Vegan pizza from ZPizza in the afternoon and watched the Doo Dah parade in the afternoon from my friend’s balcony, which is always quite entertaining!

7/5/15 (Sunday): My last 50+ mile bike ride before the race! We went a slower pace, but ended up doing 52 miles, and I followed it with a 30 minute run. It was hot and I was definitely a little tired during my run, but I felt okay.

7/6/15 (Monday): Did a 42 minute interval run before work, including steps up and down bleachers. My plan was to go swimming after work, but (of course) it was pouring rain. I probably still would have gone had the rain been lighter, but I didn’t want to be in the open water if it was thunder storming…I also didn’t really want to go, so I was probably half making up excuses…

7/7/15 (Tuesday): Decided to do my long run after my relatively easy workout Monday. I ended up doing just over 12 miles before work. For whatever reason, I was feeling a little fatigued during it, but I maintained a decent pace, for me. 🙂 I have really been enjoying doing my long runs before work. I feel so productive before stepping into the office. It’s such a rewarding feeling. I also posted my current favorite salad/salad dressing recipe if you missed it!

7/8/15 (Wednesday): 2 cycle brick workout before work. 45 minute interval indoor biking, 15 minute indoor track run, 20 minute hill indoor biking, 10 minute outdoor run. I changed my last run to an outside one because the sun was coming up and I do love my morning air! Wednesday evening I decided to attend a yoga class with a teacher I hadn’t ever taken a class from before. I walked to and from class, which was great. My walk home was during sunset, but it was cloudy so unfortunately I couldn’t see much. I listened to my yoga playlist though and a few of the birds were still singing and the lightning bugs were active, which I really enjoyed.

7/9/15 (Thursday): Took a short sunrise walk before coming home to do some laundry and heading to work. After work I did an open water swim, 1.3 miles, focusing again on my cadence and form.

7/10/15 (Friday): Took the morning off again. I woke up to go to do a 75 minute indoor cycling ride and spin class, but I have somehow overstretched a muscle below my ribcage and am having soreness breathing. I kind of ignored it yesterday but I was in pretty bad pain as I was going to bed last night. I really struggle with skipping exercise and resting because I feel like I’m using my injury as an excuse. I have one side of my mind telling me to pull through and just do the exercise and the other part telling me I need to rest before the race. I am still considering going swimming this evening, but we will see.


I am starting to wind down my training the remainder of this weekend and week in preparation for my race! I have such strong emotions about this race. I am SO scared and nervous and excited at the same time. I am feeling confident that as long as I keep my eye on the finish line mentally and/or don’t bonk (basically hit a brick wall mid race because of improper nutrition or cramps) physically, I will be able to make it through to the end. And if I don’t for some reason, well there’s always another chance to try again. 🙂 I am spending some time this week also prepping for bike tire blowouts, which I haven’t had to do in over a year, but would really set me back if I encounter one during the race and have to fix it myself.

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