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Posted by on Jun 12, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized




6/6/15 (Saturday): I can finally claim to be a triathlete! My first triathlon was last Saturday and it went SO much better than I had anticipated. The race was small, only about 200 people. I did the half mile swim in 15 minutes, which was my biggest hurdle. My transitions both took about 2 minutes. My bike pace averaged a little faster than 17 mph, and my run average pace was an 8:26 min per/mile. I was happily surprised by my paces for the bike and run too. The only hiccup I had during the race, and probably cost me a minute or two, was one of my water bottles fell during the bike. I thought about leaving it, but realized it may be a USAT (USA Triathlon) violation for littering, so I turned around to get it. I almost got in an accident because I was panicking and trying to be quick, and got in the way of a REALLY intense race participant who was probably biking 25 mph. I felt so bad for getting in his way, and he screamed at me. It left me shaky, but I (literally) shook it off and powered forward. Needless to say, I was on cloud 9 after completing the race. It was just a sprint tri, so I have quite a way to go still, but at least I am a bit more prepared on what to expect. I’m considering doing another, Olympic length tri, before my race in July. There were definitely a few things I learned for my next year – i.e. open my food/snack packages before the race, open my shoes so I can easily slip them on, and last but certainly not least, leave your fallen water bottle (it’s not a violation I can get kicked out for),

15.6.12 Dad Tri 15.6.12 Dad Tri Swim 15.6.12 Tri Swim

6/7/15 (Sunday): I was a lot more fatigued than I thought I would be from just a 1:47 min workout from the race the day before. I started my Sunday with a 1 hour, 50 minute (30 mile) road bike with my dear father. My legs were so feeling it. I think I was running on adrenaline during the race and had pushed myself more than I normally do. I was only supposed to do a 90 minute ride, but we were going pretty slow any way. Sunday afternoon I headed out to hocking hills state park to go hiking with one of my very best friends. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, day – perfect for a hike! I was so pooped after the hike, I skipped out on the evening hot yoga class I had planned on attending, and crawled into bed promptly at 7pm…

6/8/15 (Monday): I took the whole day off. I had to listen to my body and it was tired. I still attended my advanced level hot yoga class in the evening, but took it pretty easy, letting myself slow down and breathe deeply into stretches.

6/9/15 (Tuesday): I still had 6 workouts for this week – so I doubled up Tuesday. I did a 49 minute interval run Tuesday morning – running stairs and doing sprints around the track at a local school. It was a beautiful, toasty, morning. I got extra energy from the other people who were running around the track early in the morning, like an informal adult track practice.:) After work, I headed to the local quarry lake again and did a mile swim, which took me about 45 minutes. I was going pretty slow and not tiring myself.

6/10/15 (Wednesday): Got up early and did a 1 hour, 33 minute run, about 10 miles, before work. I took it pretty easy because I’m still (as always) not that worried about my pace. It was a peaceful morning. Listened to my NPR news the whole time. Ended my Wednesday with a yoga teacher training info session, followed by my hot yoga class and went straight to bed after. 🙂 I am about 99% sure I am going to begin my yoga teach training in September and am more than excited for that journey to begin!

6/11/15 (Thursday): Slept in, did some necessary chores that I haven’t had time to do earlier this week, and light morning yoga. After work involved another swim at the quarry lake – about 1 hour. I took it really easy because it was supposed to be my rest day, and I considered skipping, but since swimming is my weak point, any additional practice I can get is vital.

6/12/15 (Friday): Going out for an open water swim with some guys after work. I want to take full advantage of swimming with other people in close proximity to me. Since my tri was so small last weekend, I’m still nervous about how crowded it will be in the water at my Ironman 70.3 race. The race last weekend also started in the water, and the Ironman race is a beach start, where everyone runs into the water.


I took a look at my training plan for these last few weeks leading up to my race. I was surprised to see I don’t really have any long runs left (more than 75 minutes) and my plan is already going to start tapering off after this upcoming week. I think the interval runs are helping my running pace, so I want to continue doing those. I’m going to start altering my schedule a little I think. I don’t think I’ll be prepared if I don’t continue at leave one longer run a week – over 90 minutes, a shorter interval run (<1 hour), and at least one 90+ minute bike ride per week. I think if I stick to that schedule, paired with my open-water only swims, I should be prepared for my race come July. I will also have to listen to my body though and ensure I’m not over training by going off plan. The reason training plans exist is because they work, so I need to be extra careful about straying away from mine.


Hope everyone has a TOTALLY AMAZING weekend!



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