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Posted by on May 8, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized



FRIDAY!!!!!!!! SO SO EXCITED to attend the CCAD Fashion Show tonight, and see my sister’s pieces walking down the runway!

5/2/15 (Saturday): The Cap City Half Marathon here in Columbus! Prior to the race, I was back and forth between whether I wanted to just treat it like the normal 2 hour run that was on my training plan for the day (just with lots of friends!) or actually try to achieve another personal record. I decided to go with the former and not push myself. I realized it wasn’t worth it to potentially injure myself trying to push myself in a race I was doing for fun during the training of my main race of the year. It then ended up being a VERY pleasant surprise to find out at the end of the race that I somehow did still PR! I only shaved off 2 minutes, but I have been lucky enough to get a personal record each of the 4 half marathons I’ve done the last 4 years! I was excited! Crossing the finish line of the race is an un-matchable feeling of achievement, whether it’s your first race or 100th, and is one of the main reasons I do races. Each time it almost (or actually does!) brings tears to my eyes. The positive energy at the finish line with the crowd is so inspiring.


5/3/15 (Sunday): Enjoyed a leisurely 1 hour, 30 minute bike ride with my dad. It was a beautiful morning. The rest of the day was perfect, including a veggie filled afternoon picnic in Schiller Park with one of my longest and best friends. We meet monthly to check in with each other on the progress of our Passion Planner goals. The process has brought us even closer, and for that I am so grateful.

ff picnic

5/4/15 (Monday): This is a “rest” week on my training plan…AKA probably my normal exercise level during off-training season. 53 minute morning run before work. The warm weather is so energizing. I loved sweating more than I have been during my morning runs. Finished the day with my wonderful Yoga on High hot flow class with Michael Murphy.

5/5/15 (Tuesday): 1 hour AM  indoor spinning, including 45 minutes with a spin class. Took a long walk after work because it was SO nice out! One of my favorite things is going for walks after a meal to get things moving and stirred up to improve digestion.

5/6/15 (Wednesday): 45 swim at my gym. I am continuing to work on my freestyle, using a floatation device between my legs to focus on my upper body stroke. Night time hot Vinyasa yoga class. I also picked up by bike from a tune-up at Paradise Garage. The first I’ve ever gotten on the bike since I bought it 3 years ago (probably not great)… But they did a GREAT job, and it’s co clean! It was pretty dirty because I’ve ridden in the rain so much. I’m so excited to get back on my sparkly bike this weekend!

5/7/15 (Thursday): Day off! Started my morning with gentle candlelit yoga in my new in-home yoga studio I setup, that I’m pumped about! 🙂 Post-work walk with my lovely friend Dee and her dog.

FF ypgaff yoga

5/8/15 (Friday): 50 minute outdoor morning run to the beautiful birds and the rising sun! This time I actually listened to some morning news also though…;)

Ready and looking forward to a great weekend!!

Are you training for any upcoming races? Which training plans do you use?








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