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Posted by on May 29, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized



Excited for some R&R time this weekend!

5/23/15 (Saturday): First open water swim completed…finally! To be honest, it was kind of a bad wake up call, but a necessary one. I will absolutely be focusing a lot more on my open water swimming for these last weeks before the my half Iron race. I vowed to myself while I was flailing around in the (quite dirty) water, I will do at least one open water swim a week until July 19. The waves and atmosphere are just so different from being in a pool, which people had warned me about, but I thought I’d be okay. I think my upcoming sprint triathlon will be interesting since it is in only a few weeks.  I have a lot of room for improvement.

Fit Fri 15.5.29 OW swim

Talking myself into getting in the water…


5/24/15 (Sunday): 54 minute interval run after a veggie filled Memorial Day cookout at my dad’s farm…Yes, I actually did an interval run…I never do interval running. I ran around picking up speed for several blocks then slowing down to my normal pace until my breathing normalized several times. I finished out my interval run at a local middle school field, running up and down their bleachers twice, and a sprint around the track, then ran home. It was more fun than I thought it’d be. 🙂

Fit Fri 15.5.29 Farm Fit Fri 15.5.29 harvesting

5/25/15 (Monday): No work because it was Memorial Day, so I saved my Brick workout for that day. 2 hour 32 minute bike ride (43 miles, averaging just above 16 mph), then I followed it with a 24 minute run. I also timed my transition to see how much time I was “resting” in between. It took me about 14 minutes, including loading my bike into my car, eating part of a Bonk protein bar, and switching shoes. I’m still getting used to the brick workouts. I don’t know that our bodies every completely adjust to the quick change, but hopefully the more I do them, the easier they get. The run was a struggle, but I made it! I took a few hours off, worked on my butternut squash chickpea salad recipe post, and headed to a local lake for another open water swim. I was working with a guy I know on my swimming, who has done several half Ironman races and lots of other Tris. We spent 1 hour, 30 minutes in the water. The lake was SO much more enjoyable to swim in than Alum Creek, where I swam Saturday. I’m actually excited to swim in it again. It was SO much cleaner! Colder, but cleaner. Probably needless to say, I was pretty exhausted after my day. I basically came home after my swim, ate (I was RAVENOUS), and laid with my legs up the wall in my yoga room smelling Eucalyptus essential oils.


5/26/15 (Tuesday): 49 minute run before work, followed with a long stretch session. No music, just birds. Watched the sunrise through the clouds after a rainy night. I think the sunrises are more beautiful and the birds are louder after a long rain. My body has been pretty tight for whatever reason lately, so the stretching felt amazing.


5/27/15 (Wednesday): 1 hour swim. I was physically feeling this swim. It was not my best. I listened to my body and took it pretty easy and rewarded myself with a sauna session after. Finished my day with a 1 hour, 15 min advanced hot yoga class, and my goodness was it intense!! I don’t think I’ve sweat so much during a yoga class in several months. But it sure did feel great!


5/28/15 (Thursday): Usually my day off, but I made a (very unlike me!) spontaneous decision to go the Lana Del Rey concert in Indianapolis (It was UNREAL) while I was sitting at work on Wednesday. I did a 1 hour 30 minute hill indoor spinning bike workout before work. 45 minutes were technically a class, but the teacher was leading a sprint interval ride, so I just kind of did my own thing since my training plan directed me to do a hill ride.


5/29/15 (Friday): Drove back from Indy this morning to make it back in time for work. Technically today was my day off, but I am going for an open water swim again at the lake I swam in Monday after work. Just for additional practice, nothing intense!


Next week is another rest week! Woo! (AKA more time to focus on open water swimming).







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