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Posted by on May 22, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized



Yay long weekend!! Extra time for activities!!

This week’s workouts included…

5/16/15 (Saturday): Was in Lexington, KY visiting my grandparents’ race horse farm one last time before it’s sold. My schedule had a 1 hour 15 min run on it, and for the first time, I didn’t achieve it…at all. I went for a very short 2 mile run in the AM, just to get my body moving, and ended up having no time the rest of the day to finish my run as I had planned. I was a little bent of out shape about it, but realized my time with my family and sorting through all the memorabilia was more important, and I won’t fail my race from missing a single day’s work out. I was hoping to get outside and enjoy the 500 acre farm a little more, but unfortunately it poured rain all day.

5/17/15 (Sunday): Returned home late Saturday night, I was thankful I was still able to get up early and get in a 40 mile open road bike ride. We weren’t going very fast, so it took about 2 hours and 40 minutes. It was reassuring that it felt so easy to me though. To reset myself, I ended an evening one hour hot flow yoga class. The yoga class was a perfect end to my weekend.

5/18/15 (Monday): I have been sleeping a lot better than normal this work week (knock on wood), AKA sleeping through the night, which has been fabulous!…but also leaving me more tired when my alarm goes off to get up and workout in the morning. I got in a 1 hour, 23 minute run before work, and felt great! It was so toasty out and I sweat more than I have during any morning run this year…I LOVED it. PM yoga after work – 1 hour, 15 minutes. I was feeling very fatigued in yoga, so I listened to my body and took it very easy, breathing into my stretches and holding them for longer and doing less of the flowing through the poses.

5/19/15 (Tuesday): 1 hour swim. I counted the number of full laps I go during the hour. I continuously swam the whole time…which may not sound like a feat, but it is for me! My swim is definitely going to be slow during the race. I feel pretty confident about my strokes now, so I am going to transition my focus a more on speed. With 2 months left before the race, I am hoping to cut off at least a few minutes from my time.

5/20/15 (Wednesday): Short run. My schedule said a 45 minute hill run…but there are not hills near me, and my race course isn’t hilly, so I ignored that piece. 🙂 I did an hour run, and absorbed the first few rays to today’s beautiful sunrise toward the end of my run. My morning running route has me run toward the sunrise (East) for the last hald mile, and it is always my favorite part of my run. I closed my eyes and felt the slight warmth and the sounds of the birds’ songs. I am so loving doing my post-run stretching in my new yoga room at home! It still needs some work. It’s basically a mat and blanket now, but it’s a start! 1 hour, 15 min Hot Vinyasa yoga class in the PM.

5/21/15 (Thursday): REST DAY! Very gentle morning yoga, and some breathing exercises. My abdominal muscles were sore from last evening’s class.

5/22/15 (Friday): Memorial Day WEEEEEEkend! 1 hour, 30 min AM indoor cycling, 45 minutes of which was part of spin class. Jammed to some new tunes on my iPod before class started!


Have a FAB weekend!!



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