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Posted by on May 1, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized



How is it MAY already??

This year has been SO great thus far, but so busy! So many positive changes in my life! The last few months have flown by.

4/25/15 (Saturday): 1.5 hour (11.25 mile run). Explored some new parts of the Olentangy river path, that runs through Columbus, that have been under construction for a while. I love exploring new places on foot or bike, or places that I haven’t been to in a while. I get into a routine, particularly when I run before work of sticking to the same, or very similar, routes, because I know approximately how long it will take me to run them, so it’s fun to change it up sometimes. I also fell flat on my face at the beginning of my run, but just awkwardly looked around to make sure no one saw, laughed at myself, popped back up, and kept going with a ripped up knee and pants. 🙂 Those kinds of accidents (like my car accident) make me all the more thankful I am able-bodied enough to run the way I do. Followed my run with a 1 hr 15 min hot yoga class at Yoga on High.

4/26/15 (Sunday): 3 hour bike ride West of Columbus, 48 miles. This was a milestone for me, being the furthest I have ridden on my bike alone. I have to say I got relatively bored at some points, literally talking to myself and the random animals that surrounded me. I resisted listening to music and played around with the thoughts in my head, until about the last 30 minutes of the ride. It was reassuring to feel so energized after the ride, like maybe I really can run a half marathon after a 56 mile ride for my half Ironman!

4/27/15 (Monday): I got up to run, but it was 35 degrees…I’m not a fan of cold…so I headed to my gym for a 30 minute restful/recovery swim. My technique was feeling pretty off, but I just told myself to continue moving, and rewarded myself with baking in the sauna for 20 minutes before heading home to get ready for work. Monday night was my normal 1 hour 15 minute hot Vinyasa yoga class at Yoga on High.

4/28/16 (Tuesday): Again, I had the intention of running when I awoke in the morning, but checking the weather changed my mind…so I hurriedly got changed and headed to my gym to get there by 5AM and get in a 1 hour 30 minute bike ride on the spin bike, 45 minutes of it as part of a spin class with my favorite instructor. I could definitely feel my body a little tired from the long ride Sunday, so I took it pretty easy.

4/29/15 (Wednesday): 1 hour 15 minute swim at my gym’s pool before work. HUGE breakthrough in my swimming. I wanted to focused this longer swim on my freestyle stroke, because I still don’t feel like I’m being that efficient, and my breath isn’t smooth so I start to hyperventilate and feel way more exhausted than my body really is. I did lots of laps with a floatation device between my legs to practice just my arm strokes, and suddenly when I took it back out freestyle felt just as easy as my go-to breaststroke! I was elated! I couldn’t stop smiling to myself in the pool! Wednesday night I attended another 1 hour 15 min hot yoga class at Yoga on High.

4/30/15 (Thursday): Rest day! Woke up and did some morning yoga and meditation to candlelight and the wonderful sound of rain and birds (THE BEST).

5/1/15 (Friday): 65 minute afternoon run. I can’t handle how beautiful all the blooming white and pink trees are right now, and they smell SO amazing! Not pushing myself too much because I have my half marathon tomorrow. 🙂

15.5.1 fit fri flowers

Have a great weekend!






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