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Posted by on Apr 24, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized



Happy Friday!!!!

This week’s workouts consisted a lot of me getting back on track with my half iron training plan after my trip to San Fran. The weather got a little colder and super windy in Ohio, but I didn’t let it affect my training schedule.

4/18/15 (Saturday): I went on 14 mile wun (my word for a walk/run) with my lovely friend Jen, my running partner, who I trained for my marathon with last year. I literally don’t think I can do long runs without her anymore. I wanted to make sure I was ready for the Cap City half marathon next weekend! We ended up walking part of the run, but I don’t care about my time during the race at all. I was thoroughly enjoying the beautiful sunny weather we had Saturday. And I got new running shoes, which is always fun!

4/19/15 (Sunday): The weather forecast called for rain, but I decided to suck it up and take the 2.5 hour bike ride that my training plan called for. I was dreading the ride in the morning, but when I finished my workout it made it that much more satisfying. I did 2 hours outside then finished out the last half hour at my gym on a spin bike. I decided to go to a hot yoga class in the evening at Yoga in High. Unfortunately as I was leaving the studio I was involved in a car accident (not so zen)…

4/20/15 (Monday): I was pretty shaken up from the accident Sunday night. I was planning on swimming Monday morning, but my car wasn’t drive able so I had no way of getting to the gym. I considered skipping a day of exercise, but I reminded myself how much it improves my mood and I didn’t want to let the car accident affect me any more. 🙂 I went for a glorious 75 minute run Monday morning. It seemed like the birds were singing even louder as I continued to reflect on how lucky I am that no one was hurt in the accident and I was able to run less than 12 hours later with no problem. After work, I went to my normal hot yoga class at Yoga on High (back to the scene of the accident)!

4/21/15 (Tuesday): After getting a rental car Monday, I got my training plan back on track and started my Tuesday with an hour swim at my gym.

4/22/15 (Wednesday): Earth day! (Which I wish I could say I did more for…but I’ll be celebrating today  planting trees as part of earth day Columbus and this Saturday at the Columbus Commons, then!) 75 minute swim at my gym’s pool- The longest one time I have spent in a pool yet. I felt accomplished. 😉 Wednesday evening was my other regular hot yoga class at yoga on high, and it was just what I needed. I was feeling strong and played with a few poses I’ve been too afraid to do in the past.

4/23/15 (Thursday): Rest day! Slept in an extra hour+ and warmed up my body with a short yoga practice and breathing exercises before getting ready for work to clear my head.

4/24/15 (Friday): I’m actually writing this on my phone as this workout is occurring!…1.5 hour bike before work, 45 minutes being a spin class to break it up a little. Getting ready to take on this Friday!

I have absolutely loved getting the questions and comments you guys have been sending me! Keep ’em coming!



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