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Posted by on Apr 18, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized




(Yes, I realize it’s Saturday and not Friday anymore, but alas I didn’t have time yesterday to post…)

So I realize I’ve been MIA for the past 2 weeks. Last weekend (the days I typically use for my blogging), I was in San Francisco. It was my first time ever there, and I absolutely fell in love with the city. I do not apologize for my excessive produce and farmers market photos for those of you who follow my blog Instagram account (@Peace_Love_Wholefood)…I was on cloud nine the entire trip and cannot even begin to count the hundreds of times I said “are you kidding me? this is unreal”. Everyone we encountered was so friendly. There is fresh LOCAL fruits and vegetables for days. The parks and forests are beautiful. There are beaches! What more could I need???? Anyways, more on that trip later potentially…farmers market flowers 2

To be honest, since I began my new job and absolutely love it, I had been losing my zest for working on my blog. It used to be my happy escape, but now I look forward to going to work and doing my work. A girl friend I have had for decades (literally) (shout out Megan Fitz!) suggested I start a Fitness Fridays post given my very active lifestyle, and I totally LOVE the idea! Each week I will be sharing my week’s exercise, and some fun facts or thoughts I have related to it.

I am currently in the midst of training for my first Half Ironman race this July. I am scared to death, but my goal is to finish the race. I do not care at all about how long it takes me. I want to cross the finish line in one piece. Because of this, my workouts as of late have consisted of a combination of swimming, biking, and running. I am (somewhat loosely) following a training plan, and am signed up for a few races prior to that. I am participating in the Cap City Half Marathon on May 2, and another sprint Tri at Alum Creek in Columbus in June. To keep my sanity, I also continue to incorporate yoga classes into my weekly movement arts.

This week’s workouts got a little change-up with my being in San Francisco.


 4/10/15: After a way long day of travel Thursday, an all-day hike in Muir Woods national forest was just the medicine I needed to reset me and my mood. I cannot even begin to explain the beauty of the massive redwood trees. If you have never been in a redwood forest, I HIGHLY suggest it. It was so amazing to me that we were only a few miles away from this huge city, but we were completely isolated deep in the forest paths, in these incredibly tranquil patches of sunlight peeking through the trees. A few times during our hike we stopped and sat down, and silently meditated taking it all in. I am remembering those moments now like they were a dream-the trees creaking and swaying ever so slightly. The songs of the birds and the movement of the stream down the mountain were the only sweet noises filling my ears. UGH how I wish I could teleport myself back there now! We walked for several hours that day up into the mountains, then returned to downtown in the evening for a sushi dinner.

red wood trees Trees amongst treees

4/11/15: Saturday morning we went took a slow hot wonderful vinyasa class at Body Temp Yoga, then headed to the Ferry Building farmers market. I was in my heaven, so wishing I had a kitchen to cook all the beautiful fresh local produce. In the afternoon, Hannah and I went on a slow 70 minute run along the bay piers, taking in the sun and our surroundings. The sun beating down on me while I bike or run is one of my favorite things on this earth. It reminds me to be thankful that I am alive, and have a body that allows me to be so active.

Farmers market flowers

4/12/15:  Sunday was spent biking the entire city. My wonderful friend Jen, who spent a few years living in San Fran, suggested we tour the city on bike, and I am SO thankful for her suggestion. We started our journey downtown in Union Square, made our way to Golden Gate park (another favorite of mine!), out along ocean boulevard, up across the Golden Gate Bridge (such a cool experience), down to Sausalito (stopping for a picnic lunch), back across the bridge, along the bay (passing Fisherman’s Wharf), and back down Market Street to union square. I wish I could’ve bottled up the fresh, crisp scent of the air from the ocean and Eucalyptus trees. I’m not sure how far we actually biked, but it ended up being an all day adventure, with photo stops along the way. I love the feeling of wind blowing on me when I bike, it’s different from the soft breeze during a run.

Biking San franYoga Golden gate bridge

 4/13/15: Rest/travel/reminiscing day. We watched the sunrise over the bay bridge before heading to the airport.

GOlden gate bridge view from the top

4/14/15: 7.8 mile run before work. I have been totally loving listening to the birds sing in the morning. They become more and more vocal and active as it gets later into the morning, it’s beautiful. I keep bringing my phone/headphones on my runs with me with the intention of listening to music or my local NPR station streaming the news, but the song birds have won out each time.

4/15/15: Back home at my gym – One hour swim. Swimming has been tough for me. I am not a swimmer. I took a lesson from a local coach last month who has swam the English Channel (29 miles, WHAT?!) which dramatically improved my stroke. Prior to that swim lesson, I hadn’t had a real swim lesson since I was probably 7 years old…The more I swim, the more comfortable I am in the water, but I would be lying to you if I said I love doing it. It is a win every time I finish a swim training session. After work I attended a 75 min hot vinyasa flow yoga class in the evening at Yoga on High.

4/16/15: One hour pool swim. I am still alternating between various strokes. I know freestyle is most efficient, but breaststroke is my go-to stroke. My current goal during my swims is to continue to move for the duration of my training period.

4/17/15: 75 minute indoor bike ride before work. 45 minutes of it was part of a spin class. I was supposed to bike 2.25 hours, but didn’t have enough time before work. I had the intention of going back to the gym after work, but the totally beautiful warm sunny weather changed my mind to go meet up with some friends at a patio instead. 🙂


What are you favorite workouts? Is there anything else you’d like me to share about my exercise regimen?




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