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Posted by on Aug 21, 2017 in Explore, LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized, Yoga, Yoga

Yoga Teacher Interview Series: Julie Wojno

Yoga Teacher Interview Series: Julie Wojno

Julie was a quick “Instagram friend” of mine. I found her account, which at the time was Julie Pedal and Flow, 2 things I LOVE – yoga and cycling! I also saw she had the same love for nourishing foods and cooking as I do. Then I saw her boyfriend was a runner and was running the Chicago marathon last year, which I was too, and I was like “OMG new bestie!” We got to meet in person when I went to one of her cycling classes at Cycle 614. ¬†Julie is a fellow yoga instructor who found yoga as a way to complement her exercise and has had a past, also similar to mine, in her path to body compassion, but I’ll let her tell you more about herself. ūüôā She is an absolute joy to be around, with her bubbly and upbeat personality, which carries into her teaching as well.



Julie Wojno // Yoga Teacher at Studio 543


Tell me about yourself in a few sentences. 

Life excites me. I’m filled to the brim with energy, always have been, and hopefully always will be! I search for the good in life and believe we are capable of anything… if we work hard enough. If something scares me, I know it’s worth my time.¬†I’m a crazy morning person, known to wake up at¬†4am¬†five days a week! (AHH, I know! haha!) I’m a hard-core foodie. Get me going about the Cbus food scene, and I won’t shut up! I’m obsessed with my Bernese Mountain Dog, Maple. Fun fact? She has more than DOUBLE the Instagram followers as me. HAH! Oh, one more: Beyonc√© was a center focus in my Master’s thesis. ūüėČ


What type of yoga do you teach? 

Currently, I teach a hot vinyasa class that builds towards a peak posture. I love structuring a class around what needs to be stretched and/or strengthened to access poses we never thought were possible. Because, well, that’s just empowering as can be! As I move forward in teaching, I look to expand to all different styles, my journey is just beginning.


Where do you currently teach? 

Studio 543 Yoga Inferno

Where did you do your teacher training? 

Here in Columbus with the talented Laurel Hodory (Yoga with Laurel).


What drew you into your first yoga class? What kept you coming back? 

In college, I was a personal trainer/group fitness instructor. I initially went to the yoga classes at our rec center to compliment all the power lifting/HIIT workouts I did… but what kept me coming back was the mindfulness, the breathing, and how it entirely shifted my perspective on my body, health and… life.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on the yoga mat?¬†

I love cooking — I’ve been making my way through the Inspiralized cookbooks and the amazing Taylor Riggs’ book: Real Food, Real Simple. I also love taking Maple to local breweries. We (my bf and I) love craft beer, and when we bring Maple, we get to meet so many people because she is such an insane fluffer nugget who wants all the love from EVERYONE. I also enjoy writing, when I have time! And, of course: cycling. I teach at Cycle614, and it is one of the places, besides my yoga mat, where I feel most alive and most myself. My version of self-care would be laying by the pool listening to a podcast, The Wonder Jam Cast has been one of my faves this summer.

What do you hope your students take away from your classes? 

Time to tune in. Time to check in. Time to realize their true power within.


What is your favorite pose? Or poses? 

Forearm stand/scorpion, pigeon, wheel, lizard, half-moon… oh man I could go on and on!


What is your least favorite(s)? 

Supta kurmasana is the death of me!! One day that will change ūüėČ


Anything else you want to share?

One of the things that drew me to yoga the most, was how it empowered me to love my body unlike ever before. Growing up, I always struggled with body image. I had a TERRIBLE relationship with food and exercise. Yoga was the turning point that helped me dig deep, get reflective and start to get curious about my beliefs… why was I at a constant war with my body?

It’s been a JOURNEY over the past, well, years, but really my entire life. And this year I’ve embarked on something I am SO excited to share… I’m launching my own health coaching business. I am thrilled to start working with women one-on-one who, too, have struggled with eating/exercise/body image and empower them to¬†love¬†their bodies and¬†live¬†their best lives. I just launched my website,¬†, and am excited to be enrolling clients in my coaching programs!! Woo hoo! I’ll be launching some fun group “challenges.” too, it’ll be a blast. (PS: BIG shout out to Columbus’ amazing¬†Autumn Theodore Photography, she did all the photos on my website and is a truly fantastic human — (oh yeah, I firmly believe in sharing the love — community is what’s up)!


PS I am SO SO excited for Julie and her new adventure!! Cheers to following your heart’s calling! <3



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Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Explore, LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized, Yoga

Around Columbus: Art of Yoga

Around Columbus: Art of Yoga

Teresa-AOY-7667 (1)

Photo by Jessie Andrade

This beautiful single-room yoga studio is a little bit difficult to find at first, but once¬†you spot¬†the sign on the edge of the polka dotted street, and walk up the stairs, you’re greeted by a warm (literally this time of year), bright, airy, yoga studio. Art of Yoga (AOY) is decorated with art from rotating artists along the walls, which is super cool. I loved gazing at¬†the beautiful artwork pieces during my practice, using them as my drishti (focal point). They also have the studio scattered with live plants!


Photo by Jessie Andrade

The windows are big, allowing the bright sun to shine in, and usually open, allowing the summer breeze to flow freely through the space – almost¬†providing¬†students with the feeling they’re practicing outside. AOY¬†actually even offers outdoor classes, just outside the studio twice a week too when weather permits!


Photo by Jessie Andrade

The views of the city skyline from the studio are beautiful, particularly if your class is during sunset. I love the feeling of nature kissing my skin while I’m practicing, so having those elements during my practice was wonderful.


Photo by Jessie Andrade

As an instructor, I take classes from a different perspective than I used to. Now that I know the effort and time it takes¬†to plan and teach a class, I so much more appreciate the instructor’s role. I took classes from a few of the instructors at AOY. Each brought different speeds and variations to class sequences and asanas (poses). Every class I attended was accompanied by soft music, humming in the background. The classes were intertwined with simple variations of poses, while offering students to advance if it was available to them. The instructors were accommodating to students who were brand new to the practice, while still holding space and attention for regular practitioners.


Photo by Jessie Andrade

The studio offers a few different types of classes from traditional Ashtanga to vinyasa (Yoga for Everyone). They have some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen in the city, $15 per drop in or $45 monthly unlimited (woah!). Registering for classes is easy via MindBody, and there is usually plenty of available slots. Whether you’re new to yoga or have a regular practice, or just in the downtown Columbus area, I recommend giving an Art of Yoga class a try!






This is a sponsored review written on behalf of Art of Yoga. The material and opinions are solely mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Peace, Love, Wholefood possible!

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Around Columbus: PizzaRev

Around Columbus: PizzaRev

If you follow my Instagram (@Peace_love_wholefood), you know I LOVE trying new restaurants. I like to say I’m not a picky eater…but realistically I kind of am, because of the dietary restrictions I choose to have to allow myself to optimize my physical and mental self. ¬†I also don’t like restricting myself. When I am restricted from something, I want it more…so with that comes the¬†non-restriction of my, oh so intense, sweet tooth and my love for pizza.

16.5.29 pizzarev2

I got a chance to try a new concept restaurant in Columbus, PizzaRev. PizzaRev follows a similar model as Chipotle, a concept I love Рquick, healthy, easy meals on the go! I got the rare chance to leave the office for lunch one day this week with a few friends to try the PizzaRev. PizzaRev currently has locations in 5 or 6 states, and is set to open two more in Columbus in the next few months.

16.6.29 Pizzarev5
When we walked in we were welcomed by a clean, brightly lit, inviting restaurant that smelled heavenly. PizzaRev¬†caters to all dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan, so you can bring all your yogi, tree-hugging, organic, crunchy friends (AKA me…)!¬†Everyone who worked there greeted us with friendly smiles.

The menu offers a thick crust and thin crust, as well as a gluten-free crust. Patrons also have the option to do a big make your own salad. The ingredients were all super fresh! Once you’ve chosen your pizza toppings, the stone pizza oven only takes about 2-3 minutes to fire up your pizza into a beautiful crispy on the outside, slightly doughy on the inside, work of art!

16.6.29 Pizzarev1

We each ordered the side salad and made our own thin crust pizzas. I pilled mine high with fresh¬†veggies – tomato sauce, natural Italian cheese, a little ricotta, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, spinach, olives, garlic, and half with vegan sausage. I’m usually not big into substitute “feats” (AKA fake meats ūüôā ), because they are generally pretty processed and the texture of meat grosses me out, but the vegan sausage was surprisingly tasty! Tasty enough that I would get it again when I go back!

16.6.29 Pizzarev3

The thin crust pizza was substantial¬†enough I was satiated, but thin enough I didn’t feel like I was dragging the rest of the day at work. With the side salad, we each had a few pieces of our pizzas leftover. I had my leftovers tonight for dinner, and a day later, the pizza was still flavorful! I will absolutely be going back for more pizza and am looking forward to the locations opening up even closer to my office!





This is a sponsored review written on behalf of PizzaRev. The material and opinions are solely mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Peace, Love, Wholefood possible!

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