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Posted by on Oct 29, 2016 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized

Around Columbus: Two Men & A Vacuum (+ Green Cleaning Tips!)

Around Columbus: Two Men & A Vacuum (+ Green Cleaning Tips!)

This summer I started hosting more gatherings at my home, from housing out-of-town visitors to hosting bridal showers.  I needed my house to be pristine and the most presentable it could be. I’m a clean freak (borderline OCD), but I also don’t really enjoy cleaning on  regular basis. I love the cleanliness once it’s finished, but don’t find joy doing it myself because I get frustrated when, seemingly, only a few days go by and I’m lying on the ground with my legs up the wall, naturally :), and the close up floor is covered in dust and other little particles!

As with mostly everything else in my life, I stick with all natural cleaning products. It’s difficult to find a cleaning company that shares the same values I do in that aspect – enter Two Men & A Vacuum. Two Men & A Vacuum provide home and office green cleaning services and they did a BEAUTIFUL job on my home – cleaning areas I don’t even think about, like dusting my fan blades, wiping the floor boards, and cleaning the window in my shower. Plus they’re a local business!


They were great to work with – confirming my appointment via email in the days before my scheduled cleaning and following up with a call to ensure I was more than satisfied with the cleaning. They offer complimentary price quotes for any cleanings. The cleaner was very prompt. I am not one to be late, but I arrived at my house one minute after my scheduled appointment and nearly missed the cleaner because he had arrived a few minutes early! He was careful with my belongings and asked me before getting near the quotes I have written all over my mirrors with dry erase marker. If you’re looking for a green cleaning company for your home or office space, I highly suggest Two Men & A Vacuum.



Green Cleaning Tips

Brought to you by PLWF + Two Men & A Vacuum

  • The 411 on Cleaning Products: There are dangerous chemicals hiding in your everyday cleaning products that can exacerbate allergies, cause skin and lung irritation, migraines and even neurological damage! Green and eco-friendly products are now easier to find or make yourself. Many people who use bleach and phosphates to clean do not realize the health risks that those chemicals come with. When not using green products it can cause harm to children, pets, elderly, and others at risk with the allergens in certain products.
  • DIY Super Easy All Purpose Cleaner (from Madry Ellis, Director of Operations at Two Men & A Vacuum): This is a gentle solution you can easily make at home. This is great for kitchen surfaces. Stainless steel. Bathroom surfaces. Tile and laminate floors. Do not use on wood surfaces. Great on walls too! The vinegar leaves a nice shine and also adds a disinfectant.
    • Take an empty spray bottle. Fill it with about 75% water. Add about 25% white vinegar (4 to 5 percent acidity). Add 3 to 4 drops of dishwashing liquid (preferably a natural brand, but any will do)!
    • I use this All Purpose Cleaner for EVERYTHING in my home. It’s magical and so inexpensive!
  • Keep up! Follow a quick cleaning checklist: People should do a general Maintenance clean on their homes once a week. Vacuuming, especially with pet hair situations. Keep stove top/inside oven and counter areas wiped on a daily basis if you want to keep away the ants that you don’t want to have, but will end up getting. It may take an hour or two total of your week to do these simple easy tasks! Here’s our general advice on what to clean when:





Happy Cleaning! May your floors and counters sparkle brightly. 🙂



This is a sponsored review written on behalf of Two Men & a Vacuum. The material and opinions are solely mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Peace, Love, Wholefood possible!

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