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My Foodie Philosophy



One positive result of the yo-yo dieting phase of my life (see About Teresa page) is the knowledge I gained from the extensive research I was doing, and my own personal experience. I came away realizing how interesting the nourishment of whole foods can be. I hope you too benefit from my experiences!

The most valuable advice I have to offer, and my life mantra, is a quote from the popular food author Michael Pollan,

Eat food, not to much, mostly plants.

I believe a plant based diet is the best option, but still to enjoy everything in moderation. I have a very bad sweet tooth. I’ve learned that instead of over indulging and feeling terribly guilty about it later, I thoroughly enjoy a small treat….maybe a little too regularly. ☺️ Don’t focus on calories so much. Yes, most plants are not very calorie dense, but some healthy items are, such as avocados and raw nuts. Again, moderation is key! Eating kale all day, every day will not give your body all the important nutrients it needs. Color is a beautiful thing when it comes to plants. I’ve come to appreciate the beautiful shades of color Mother Nature has given to fruits and veggies. What an artist!


I became a Pescatarian about a year ago because I found that’s what my body responds to best. I stick with naturally sourced seafood as much as possible when I do opt for seafood, which is still only about once a month. I rarely eat dairy, unless I know it’s local and/or organic. Since making the change in my diet, I have seen and felt so many positive changes in my body. I have higher energy levels, my skin is softer and my complexion is brighter, unintentional weight loss, and my seasonal allergies are almost nonexistent.

If eating meat works for your belly and digestion, then by all means, eat it! (Just still try to avoid the nasty hormones and steroids that are in the vast majority of our meats and dairy! Better yet – get it locally sourced so you know exactly where it’s coming from!) I live by a general rule of thumb that if I do not recognize all the ingredients on a label as something that is naturally occurring in nature, I do not eat it. Yes, there are some things like sodium biocarbonate, or baking soda, that sound like scary chemicals, but are not. If you’re unsure, look it up. (The Internet is truly an amazing resource!) Side note: PLEASE, for the love of God, don’t consume Aspartame, or Partially Hydrogenated Oils AKA Trans fat! Your body has no idea how to digest them, so it just stores them! 🙂

Food doesn’t have to be complicated, but most of the modern food industry has made it so by polluting it with all kinds of chemicals, unnatural fillers, hormones, and steroids. If you’re going to indulge, indulge in the best version of that “junk” food you can get your hands on. If I want a cookie or cupcake, I go to my local favorite vegan or natural bakery. If I want Cheesy/seasoned tortilla chips, I get an organic/non-GMO brand. Explore the wonderful world of different fruits and veggies as much as possible, there is so much out there and it’s fun and exciting to discover new nourishing items you love! And don’t try to be perfect! (I still enjoy my annual Girl Scout cookies!)

Listen to your body, it will tell you what it finds acceptable and what it does not like. Everyone is unique. Be present and enjoy the journey to feeling great!



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