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Welcome to my nutrition, food, and healthy living blog Peace, Love, Wholefood! Thank you for taking the time to visit! My name is Teresa – a self-proclaimed plant-based foodie, living in (and loving!) the Midwest.



I became interested in diet, nutrition, and the mind/body connection after gaining a significant amount of weight when I studied abroad in Europe during college. After returning back to the States after my trip, I was on and off diets for several years, trying hard to lose the pounds I had gained. I severely struggled with my self-image and self-esteem. I fasted, then binge ate, then tried another diet, then binge ate, then “cleansed”, then binge ate, then worked out for 3 hours…for years. I slowly learned to love myself for me and stop abusing my body in an effort to be “skinny.” I am healthier and happier now than I ever have been in my life. No, I am not at my thinnest, but I feel absolutely wonderful! A huge factor in changing my perspective on my body was the book “May I be Happy” written by widely known yogi Cyndi Lee. (I highly suggest the read if you are in a similar situation I was!) The book is a narrative of her personal path to self-acceptance, which it really resonated with me.

After years of physical abuse to my body, I got to a point where I view food as a nourishing gift, rather than an enemy, and found therapy in running, yoga, cycling, and other physical activities. I don’t push myself. If I can’t comfortably talk while exercising, I slow down. It has become my time to myself, not pushing myself to exhaustion, but to a point of breathing in fresh air and letting my thoughts run wild into all the nooks and crannies of my brain. I also incorporated yoga into my exercise regime, which has also changed my life. Having someone tell me to breathe after a day at work is just what I need.

Remember that weight and calories aren’t life! I stopped weighing myself, (in fact I don’t even own a scale anymore!) after reading Cyndi Lee’s book and have unintentionally lost more weight than I ever have by focusing more on the nourishment of food and not viewing it as evil. The only reason I even know I’ve lost weight is because of my annual physician checkup.

While I’m still perfecting my kitchen skills, I love cooking and experimenting. I hope you can learn with me through my blog! I love new ideas and feedback so please leave comments and questions!



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