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Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized

30 Before 30- Revisited!

30 Before 30- Revisited!

Just after I started my blog last year, a friend inspired me to create and write down my 30 before 30 list. I love the idea of challenges and setting goals to better oneself, and, of course, having fun while doing it! Like everything else in life, goals shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 🙂 I’ve definitely bent the “rules” I set for some of the items on my list to mark them off.

I have revisited my 30 before 30 list several times throughout the last year, joyfully getting closer to checking off some of the items, or actually accomplishing them. It has been such a fun experience! My very type A personality loves checklists.

My largest personal goal to date has been my half Ironman this past July. I remember adding it to my 3o before 30 list last year, not actually thinking I would complete it before age 30, let alone within a year(!) and I still cannot believe I did it. The experience and all the training time I put into it still seems surreal now.

I got the opportunity to take trips, learn to fly an airplane, and other things I likely would not have made the jump to doing had I not created this list.

Let’s take a look at how on I’m progressing on my goals…

 Teresa’s 30 Before 30 List: One year closer!

  1. Complete 4 full marathons – 2 down! Participated in the Columbus Marathon again this year.
  2. Complete 5 half marathons – 3 down! Participated in the Columbus Cap City Half Marathon and another half completed as part of my Racine Half Ironman race.
  3. Complete a Half Iron Man Triathlon Racine, WI Half Ironman!
  4. Ride your bike 120+ miles in a one weekend -Hoping to cross this off my list this coming year. I was burned out on riding after my half iron training…
  5. Get scuba diving certified -I’m going to consider this complete…because I tried it and decided, being my super risk averse self, I didn’t like being trapped underwater with the risk of drowning. A very very cool concept, but not for me. 🙂
  6. Visit Australia & dive snorkel the Great Barrier Reef-….anddd see above.
  7. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru
  8. Return to the countryside of Ireland (one of my favorite places in the world)
  9. Visit Africa & climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  10. Visit California (not for work) -AHmazing trip to San Francisco with one of my best friends, Hannah, in April.
  11. Visit Austin, Texas
  12. Return to Japan & visit my family’s cemetery
  13. Go on a yoga retreat (or other trip devoted to yoga/meditation) -potentially in the works for early 2016. Crossing my fingers!
  14. Get Yoga Teacher Certification In Process and LOVING the beautiful experience. Set to graduate next summer!
  15. Teach a yoga class
  16. Get a handstand pose practice
  17. Open yourself up, & emotionally make yourself available to unconditional love – This one is definitely a work in progress for me still.
  18. Start speaking Japanese to Mom
  19. Spread your love & positivity – let everyone you love know on a regularly basis (especially some people you have neglected to do so in recent years) –Also a work in progress.
  20. Get 2000 blog followers (something you guys can help me out with! :) Spread the word!) -About halfway there, but I haven’t devoted as much time to my blogging as I expected I would when I wrote this list initially.
  21. Post 300 recipes on your blog (if you guys have recipes you want to see made healthy, I’m up for the challenge!)
  22.  I’m going to forgo posting this one -This was actually “Get settled into a company that shares your passions” & I had the opportunity to complete this in March 2015. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I love my job and company now. 🙂
  23. Find complete contentment & love for your body -I have noticed how my perspective on myself and body has evolved within the last year, i.e. training much more gently for the marathon this year. This is one I will admittedly probably be working on for a while since it’s been so engrained in my thinking for so many years.
  24. Grow your own vegetable garden -Completed! Small but mighty!
  25. Attend a TED Conference
  26. Get your pilot’s license -Completed!…kind of. I’m checking it off. I had the amazing opportunity to take a flying lesson in one of the flight simulators that commercial pilots learn to fly in.
  27. Do a 5 3 day juice cleanse -5…3…whatever, I did it
  28. Pay it forward for one whole day, in every situation possible
  29. Start singing again, perhaps take voice lessons
  30. Further your education -Crossing this one off the list with my yoga Teacher Training.

So out of my 30 goals, within a year I have completely accomplished 9…and for that, I am proud of myself. 🙂


What is on your bucket list?



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