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Maple Tamari Almonds

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016 in RECIPES, Sides, Snacks, Uncategorized

I LOVE snacks and snacking! I also love sweet and salty. These tasty almonds combine both of those! When they are roasted, the maple syrup crystallizes to create an even crunchier bite. I snack on raw nuts a lot because most roasted nuts contain extra oil and a lot of salt (sodium). Don’t be fulled by most “dry roasted” nuts at the store. They are usually loaded with additives to get the “right” texture and taste. I’ve been experimenting with roasting my own nuts at home different ways, which is how these were born!


And! with most of my recipes, these are SUPER simple and quick. They take less than 5 minutes to stir up. The hard part is waiting until they bake and cool to dive in.

As the seasons begin to turn colder, my body craves heavier/denser foods, including the snacks I eat. In the summer, it’s usually calling for more raw carrots/celery/broccoli, and in the fall and winter, nuts, squash, pumpkin. I know it’s not been feeling very Fall-like outside so far during these first few days of fall, but I feel my body sensing the change in season and the shorter amounts of daylight.


These Tamari Almonds are made with only 3 whole food ingredients.  I have made these about 5 times in the last several weeks. They are SO good. Easy, quick, healthy, tasty = my favorite combo.  Almonds also are high in protein and good fats, to keep you fuller longer!



Maple Tamari Almonds (V + GF)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Salty, Sweet, Quick, Healthy!
Recipe type: Snack
Serves: 2 cups
  • 16 oz RAW almonds
  • ⅛ c Tamari (Soy Sauce can be substituted)
  • ⅛ c Pure Maple Syrup
  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or silicon mat.
  2. Stir together Tamari and Pure Maple Syrup.
  3. Add Almonds and stir until they are thoroughly coated.
  4. Spread almonds on lined baking sheet in a single layer.
  5. Roast in oven for about 12-15 minutes.
  6. *You can test to see if they're ready by removing one almond and allowing it to cool. The sugar crystallizing will happen as the almonds cool, after they've been removed from the oven.


Hope you enjoy! Happy Fall!




Around Columbus: Art of Yoga

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Explore, LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized, Yoga

Teresa-AOY-7667 (1)

Photo by Jessie Andrade

This beautiful single-room yoga studio is a little bit difficult to find at first, but once you spot the sign on the edge of the polka dotted street, and walk up the stairs, you’re greeted by a warm (literally this time of year), bright, airy, yoga studio. Art of Yoga (AOY) is decorated with art from rotating artists along the walls, which is super cool. I loved gazing at the beautiful artwork pieces during my practice, using them as my drishti (focal point). They also have the studio scattered with live plants!


Photo by Jessie Andrade

The windows are big, allowing the bright sun to shine in, and usually open, allowing the summer breeze to flow freely through the space – almost providing students with the feeling they’re practicing outside. AOY actually even offers outdoor classes, just outside the studio twice a week too when weather permits!


Photo by Jessie Andrade

The views of the city skyline from the studio are beautiful, particularly if your class is during sunset. I love the feeling of nature kissing my skin while I’m practicing, so having those elements during my practice was wonderful.


Photo by Jessie Andrade

As an instructor, I take classes from a different perspective than I used to. Now that I know the effort and time it takes to plan and teach a class, I so much more appreciate the instructor’s role. I took classes from a few of the instructors at AOY. Each brought different speeds and variations to class sequences and asanas (poses). Every class I attended was accompanied by soft music, humming in the background. The classes were intertwined with simple variations of poses, while offering students to advance if it was available to them. The instructors were accommodating to students who were brand new to the practice, while still holding space and attention for regular practitioners.


Photo by Jessie Andrade

The studio offers a few different types of classes from traditional Ashtanga to vinyasa (Yoga for Everyone). They have some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen in the city, $15 per drop in or $45 monthly unlimited (woah!). Registering for classes is easy via MindBody, and there is usually plenty of available slots. Whether you’re new to yoga or have a regular practice, or just in the downtown Columbus area, I recommend giving an Art of Yoga class a try!






This is a sponsored review written on behalf of Art of Yoga. The material and opinions are solely mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Peace, Love, Wholefood possible!

It’s Okay to Feel

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized, Yoga, Yoga

I have spent a lot of time in my life trying to understand emotions. How and why I, and people around me, process emotions. Why can one situation seem like no big deal to one person, but completely send another person off the edge, plummeting into feelings of sadness, anger, or guilt?

My instinct most of my life has been to suppress emotions – I never had enough time, constantly moving and not stopping to pause. I could deal with these disruptive feelings later. I’ll just keep my head down and keep moving forward…I have been making a conscious effort to address my emotions as they come up the last few years, to sit with them, slow down, understand, and process. We can ask ourselves and reflect on why we have a particular emotional reaction. How are our emotions affecting those around us? Each one of us has our own story that shapes us and our emotional reactions.

15.6.19 Bikeride

I’ve been hearing over and over again, in yoga classes and from people I deeply respect, this concept of being less reactive. While I was mediating on this idea of sitting with my emotions, it clicked for me what being “less reactive” means, at least my interpretation–Slow down, reflect, dive deeply into your emotions, and you will likely be more peaceful and empathetic to yourself and others. We are so quick with everything we do in this day and age, including with rash reactions, not taking time to see and process the whole story and have compassion for the other people and their stories involved in a situation. Our world is full of hardship and hate, we could use a whole lot more compassion.

About a year ago, someone told me “stress is a choice”. At the time, I remember thinking at the time WHAT are you talking about? Why would I choose to feel like that? But I get it now, or I think I do. It is our choice to let things get under our skin and stress us out. It is within our power to not have that reaction. Obviously much easier said than done, coming from my own experience of being highly stressed out more often than not. But again, emotions are our reactions to situations. We can notice and change that reaction if we want to. No one can make us feel a certain way.


Our body manifests our emotional reactions physically. The constant tightness in my shoulders and neck are a result of years and years of holding onto my emotions and not really letting myself feel them. Observe and feel how particular emotions manifest in your body. This whole idea came back to me this morning while I was running. I noticed I was feeling anxiety from not sleeping well for nights on end (so says the data from my FitBit). I sat (AKA ran) with this anxiety. Running is my moving meditation. 🙂 I suddenly felt so exhausted, having to slow down and walk, letting the anxiety reverberate through my body. Why was knowing I was lacking in sleep causing me anxiety? At that moment, I chose to not let it. If I wasn’t feeling completely exhausted all the time, why did this number my Fitbit was spitting out really matter?

I invite you to sit with your emotions. When you get in an argument with someone in your life, take a step back, breathe, and analyze your emotions. Ask yourself, why am I reacting this way? Am I being highly reactive because of some trigger from my past? How is my reaction affecting other involved? How does it feel in my body? Your emotions are always completely justified, but it is definitely an interesting exercise to practice to go within and reflect on them.

May you have a life overflowing with positive emotions 🙂 Namaste


Around Columbus: PizzaRev

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Explore, LIFESTYLE, Uncategorized

If you follow my Instagram (@Peace_love_wholefood), you know I LOVE trying new restaurants. I like to say I’m not a picky eater…but realistically I kind of am, because of the dietary restrictions I choose to have to allow myself to optimize my physical and mental self.  I also don’t like restricting myself. When I am restricted from something, I want it more…so with that comes the non-restriction of my, oh so intense, sweet tooth and my love for pizza.

16.5.29 pizzarev2

I got a chance to try a new concept restaurant in Columbus, PizzaRev. PizzaRev follows a similar model as Chipotle, a concept I love – quick, healthy, easy meals on the go! I got the rare chance to leave the office for lunch one day this week with a few friends to try the PizzaRev. PizzaRev currently has locations in 5 or 6 states, and is set to open two more in Columbus in the next few months.

16.6.29 Pizzarev5
When we walked in we were welcomed by a clean, brightly lit, inviting restaurant that smelled heavenly. PizzaRev caters to all dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan, so you can bring all your yogi, tree-hugging, organic, crunchy friends (AKA me…)! Everyone who worked there greeted us with friendly smiles.

The menu offers a thick crust and thin crust, as well as a gluten-free crust. Patrons also have the option to do a big make your own salad. The ingredients were all super fresh! Once you’ve chosen your pizza toppings, the stone pizza oven only takes about 2-3 minutes to fire up your pizza into a beautiful crispy on the outside, slightly doughy on the inside, work of art!

16.6.29 Pizzarev1

We each ordered the side salad and made our own thin crust pizzas. I pilled mine high with fresh veggies – tomato sauce, natural Italian cheese, a little ricotta, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, spinach, olives, garlic, and half with vegan sausage. I’m usually not big into substitute “feats” (AKA fake meats 🙂 ), because they are generally pretty processed and the texture of meat grosses me out, but the vegan sausage was surprisingly tasty! Tasty enough that I would get it again when I go back!

16.6.29 Pizzarev3

The thin crust pizza was substantial enough I was satiated, but thin enough I didn’t feel like I was dragging the rest of the day at work. With the side salad, we each had a few pieces of our pizzas leftover. I had my leftovers tonight for dinner, and a day later, the pizza was still flavorful! I will absolutely be going back for more pizza and am looking forward to the locations opening up even closer to my office!





This is a sponsored review written on behalf of PizzaRev. The material and opinions are solely mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Peace, Love, Wholefood possible!

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